Think Safety!

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Recently, I have to pass by a construction site on the way to the office. At the entrance is a large white sign with huge red letters that says: “THINK SAFETY.”

I thought, “That is a good idea!” Everyday the workers are being reminded of the importance of safe working procedures. But, I wonder how many of them really pay attention to the sign? Do most of them agree and believe in the idea behind the sign? Does the sign do any good?

If those workers do not “think safety,” anyone can likely get hurt. Safety is something that cannot be taken for granted – there simply are too many hazards.

In the Biblical Christian life we need to learn to “think safety.” We are not on an “spiritual construction site” – but in daily “spiritual warfare.” We are at war with the world, the flesh and the devil! The hazards at a building site are not “out to get us.” They simply exists in the nature of the work done. But our spiritual enemies are “all out to get us!”
To think safety for us is therefore to “watch and pray.”

“WATCH and PRAY so that you will not fall into temptation.” ~ Matthew 26:41

The Bible is the only sure foundation upon which to build the disciplines necessary to pursue holiness. Daily Bible reading, watching and praying cannot be separated.


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