Bible Men Following God

Millions of lives have been impacted by the worldwide fellowship that grew out of the God-given vision to Demos Shakarian, (1913-1993), a Bible following businessman and dairy farmer of Armenian origin who lived in Los Angeles.

Demos, became founder of the Full Gospel Business Men, whose story is told in the best-selling book, ‘The Happiest People of Earth’.  These were Men who did the Full Gospel Business!

Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International

This international fellowship of laymen – its full name was then the “Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International”, often shortened to “BMF” (Business Men’s Fellowship) or sometimes to “FGB” (Full Gospel Businessmen) – and today these groups around the world are still reaching millions for the Messiah.  It has been said that the fellowship has probably done more to bring revival to the church at large than any other “laymen’s movement” in the past 100 years.

A New Wave of Revival – The Vision Intensified

In the last years of Demos life, and in his last book (“A New Wave of Revival – The Vision Intensified”), God expanded and decentralized Demos message.  From the large “International” organization, God was moving to the local groups.  From the International, to the National, to the Local Community, Demos saw God replacing him with thousands, or millions, of leaders.  The majority of BMF men felt this movement too.  Just like God decentralized His disciples from Jerusalem, to the world.

Business Men’s Fellowship Groups

After Demos was carried to Heaven, God quickly moved.  Local, Regional and National leaders were raised up, and these leaders formed more localize BMF Groups.  These were encouraged by Demos’ son Steven and Demos’ wife Rose, who had been with Demos from the beginning, and even during God’s vision to Demos!  These BMF Groups, or Business Men’s Fellowship Groups” were sometimes called the Business Men’s Fellowship Global” – an obvious reference to “International!”  However, there was no consensus on a new name, so for a time we remained BMF Groups.

FGBMFI Reorganized

There were some who remembered the power of God moving in the old International FGB movement (FGBMFI), and wanted to hang on to that.  These were represented by Demos’ son Richard, who assumed control of, and is currently the lifetime president of, FGBMFI.  Under the Leadership of Richard Shakarian, FGBMFI was completely reorganized with a new vision and the direction Richard has given it to follow..

This appeared to create a rift, or divide, within the organization.  However, in reality it multiplied, and swelled, the ranks of…

God’s Gospel Army – Bible Men Following God!

In the 1970’s Demos laid hands on a man, and prophesied that he would build a network with new technology for the fellowship.  In the mid 1990’s God raised up that same man, who saw the need to use Internet Technology to promote ALL BMF and FGB local and national chapters.

We who follow the vision God gave to Demos and Rose Shakarian, all have the same goal, to seek and save the lost, to teach the fundamental truths from the Bible, and to bring men back to God.

Resources were secured to give every local and national BMF or FGB chapter a website of their own!  The goal is that every chapter has their own website, so they can be easily found on the Internet.  Valuable and appropriate domain names like and were obtained for this network, to give each chapter its own home address in cyberspace, the electronic Internet Super Highway!

Bible Men Following God!

We came to realize that BMFG, or FGBMFI for that matter, did not need to mean anything!  There is an FGBMF-Indonesia, an FGBMF-India and an FGBMF-International.  They are not associated, but each is FGBMFI!  FGBMF-Intersession or FGBMF-Independent are just as valid a name for any group following the vision God gave to Demos.

A Free Website For Your Chapter…

We decided that, Any Group of Bible Men Following God, may avail of our BMFG service to build a chapter website.  We do not charge for this service.  If God speaks to you about donating to the vision of every local chapter having a website, then obey what God speaks to you.  What matters is that you are Bible Men Following God!

Bible Men Following God