We at BMFG really appreciate your “On Topic Comments!”

Because you are reading this page, you will likely have no problem making a comment. For those who do not read this page, the following applies.



ALL BMFG comments are moderated by BMFG. That means humans read each comment and approve only those that meet the following guidelines:


Comments are On Topic

We consider each page a topic. So we expect that before you comment, you will have read the page! Likewise we expect that your comment will be about what is no the page.

Example: We received many comments on the Merry Xmas History post that were Off Topic!

People wrote to tell us Christmas was a pagan holiday – off topic!

Some wrote to tell us that Christmas trees were wrong (or right) – off topic!

A number wrote to tell us about Silver or Gold prices – off topic!

The topic of that post was the use of Xmas by believers, for more than a thousand years!

Note: If you would like to write a guest post about a topic you care about, and it is related to our overall site, please contact us about having it published here.


Comments are NOT Generic

Your comment should Specifically relate the the topic of the post in a direct way.  Consider these comments, which you could basically post on any website, forum or blog.

“Your post was the very best I have ever read!”

“I loved your post, it saved me so much time!”


Comments ADD to the Topic

Comments should add additional information, clarifications or ideas. This could support or contradict the topic of the post.  What is most important is that a comment adds to the topic and to the discussion.


Comment Links

Comments with NO links (not even the website), are more likely to be published!

Comments that are valuable, having links to the website of the poster, will be published.  We are planning to allow these to be published with Link Love, or Google Link Juice!  This is our Thank You for reading our site, and for adding quality to the discussion!

Comments that have links in the body of the comment will be judged carefully if the links actually apply to the topic, AND, if the linked pages add value to our readers which is about the page topic.


Not Comment Spam

Most of the comments we receive on our site are Comment Spam!  The simply want a link to their website and they add no real value for our readers at all.  Comments like this will be deleted.


Save Your Time

We have good anti-Spam protocols that prevent most or all machine driven Spam.  Therefore if we receive a comment Spam, it means that a person wasted their time pasting in our comment form.  Don’t waste your time sending us Spam!  We will simply delete it when it is review by our Human Moderators!


We Love and Value Your Comments

In keeping with these Comment Rules, rest assured that BMFG welcomes and encourages you to comment on the topics on our website.